Promethean introduces a new direction in medical aesthetics: Total Beauty. The brand identity harmonizes human empathy and scientific data with warm, nature-inspired visuals and intricate technical graphics.

Very Polite Agency ︎︎︎ Dylan Rekert, Kirsten Geekie


One platform for every conversation. Simple and approachable, the identity draws inspiration from lines of communication, a theme echoed in the brand's wordmark and visuals. The smooth flow and dynamic fluidity in both the mark and brand elements connect to the idea of seamless connections across various channels.

Pendo ︎︎︎ Peter Ladd


Something is a satirical take on 'branding', highlighting a brand with no story as its main theme. This unconventional approach is evident in the packaging, social media, and even the tagline. The idea is to brand a brand that's not keen on being branded. It’s complicated, but that’s not Something’s fault. 🤷🏻‍♂️

Very Polite Agency ︎︎︎ Dylan Rekert, Kirsten Geekie


Futurproof simplifies the investment process by de-risking condo presale purchases. The brand draws inspiration from architectural and urban planning drawings, turning them into recognizable shapes that anchor its identity in the real estate market and showcase its innovation.

Very Polite Agency ︎︎︎ Dylan Rekert, Kirsten Geekie

Oeja Botanica

The design highlights the main ingredients through abstract shapes forming graphical units that define the product, while the packaging's bark-like texture connects to its natural origin.